Release 0.19.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.19.0, released on 1 August, 2016.

Main changes are:

  • Removed module mod_acl_simple_roles from core (#1328). Please use mod_acl_user_groups instead. If you need mod_acl_simple_roles, the module is available in a separate repository.
  • Added site tests (#1331).
  • Added View dropdown menu in admin (#1345).
  • Added possibility to return JSON error objects from API service controllers.
  • Added m.req.is_bot (#1340).

Commits since 0.18.0

There were 22 commits since release 0.18.0.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Arjan Scherpenisse (9):
Implement running site-specific tests (#1332) core: Add z_sitetest:{watch,unwatch} to speed up test driven development API: Allow process_{post,get} to throw() error for shortcircuiting core: Only run sitetests when compilation succeeds mod_acl_user_groups: Documentation fixes; change ‘edit’ -> ‘update’ API: Fix logic bug in try/catch clause handling for process_{get,post} doc: Add note that testname cannot containing underscores API: Log crashes, serve HTTP 500 on uncaught exception filewatcher: reload module first when running all sitetests for a site
Arthur Clemens (3):
docs: Describe error handling from API service Fix include_lib mod_base: controller_api: add option to pass JSON error object
David de Boer (4):
core: Move mod_acl_simple_roles out of core into separate repo (#1328) doc: Add .pot generation function call admin: Add view dropdown menu (#1345) doc: Fix build
Marc Worrell (6):
core: add forward-compatible z_utils:name_for_site/2. Issue #1333 mod_admin: add possibility to disconnect connections via the connection-dialog Fixes #1339 core: add ‘is_bot’ property for m.req Fixes #1340 core: use the ua_classifier supplied is_crawler flag. Fallback to the hardcoded list for unknown user agents (example: curl). Fixes #1340 core: in z_user_agent allow WebSocket and websocket. z_user_agent: make the upgrade comparison case insensitive