The postback controller is the endpoint for AJAX callbacks and transports from the browser to the server.

See Transport for more information about transporting data between the server and the browser.

This controller is used internally by wire and action-postback.

HTML form posts

It is possible to directly post HTML forms to the postback controller.

The method of the form must be POST, the action has two possibilities:

<form method="POST" action="/postback/mymessage">...</form>


<form method="POST" action="/postback/mymessage/mymodule">...</form>

The first example will call:

z_notifier:first(#submit{message="mymessage"}, Context).

The second example will call the mentioned module directly:

MyModule:event(#submit{message="mymessage"}, Context).

All posted query arguments are available via the usual z_context:get_q("arg", Context) calls.

Actions and other generated javascript can only returned to the browser if the z_page_id was included in the post. Body content and headers can be set in the Context and will be sent back to the browser.


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