Convert the image markers in HTML from the Rich Text editor into image tags.

When you add images in the Rich Text editor of the Zotonic admin, the HTML body text does not store <img> tags, but instead, special markers containing the picture id plus size and alignment hints.

The show_media tag converts these special markers (which are in fact HTML comments) back into image tags. For this, it uses the template called _body_media.tpl. This template is located in mod_base and can be overruled with your own.

Images that are inlined in the body text can have these parameters:

Either between, left or right.
Choose between small, middle, large. The actual sizes that are taken come from the config key site.media_dimensions, which defaults to 200x200,300x300,500x500.
Checkbox if you want to crop your image to exactly the small/middle/large size. Otherwise it scales to fit in the bounding box of the respective size.
Checkbox if you want to let the image include a link to its own page.
Caption that will be displayed below the media item.

These parameters can be set in the editor dialog ‘Insert a Zotonic media item’.

See also

filter-embedded_media, filter-without_embedded_media