Module providing OAuth authentication support for the API services of Zotonic.

OAuth allows resource owners (admins, developers) to authorize third-party access to their content or modules without sharing their credentials.

If you need to provide access to one of your own modules, your first step will be to create a service (sub)module. See API services for details.

How the OAuth module operates

This module hooks in the service_authorize callback to check requests handled by controller_api for OAuth authentication tokens.

Requests processed by this module are checked for the Authorization: OAuth request header and if it is found, it checks for a valid token and verifies the request signature. When this is all done, it looks which OAuth application (the consumer key) is being used and checks if the requested API service is in the list of allowed services for that particular application.

Defining OAuth applications

The module adds an admin menu for defining OAuth applications (consumers). For each consumer, you can specifiy which OAuth calls are permitted.

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