• Module: mod_base

Service URL:

Request method(s):

Upload media items into Zotonic. Pass in the file argument for the actual file. Because it’s a file upload, the post payload should be multipart/form-data encoded (which is the standard for file uploads). Proper authorization is needed to use this API call, either through session cookie or using OAuth. The value returned is a single integer with the ID of the newly created media rsc.

Other arguments to this API call that can be passed in are: title, summary, body, chapeau, subtitle, website, page_path.

When upload succeeds it returns a JSON object like the following:

{"rsc_id": 123}

Where rsc_id is the id of the newly created resource.

In case of failure, a JSON message like the following is returned:

{"error": {"code": 403, "message": "Access denied"}}