Zotonic uses Lager for logging. Lager metadata is automatically set by Zotonic, so to log a message from your code, simply call Lager directly:

lager:error("Something went very wrong with ~p", [SomeParam]).

which will write the following in the error.log file:

2016-11-15 16:34:07.629 [error] yoursite <0.890.0>@some_module:some_function:42 Something went very wrong with whatever


In The erlang.config file file, change the lager section to configure log handlers and formatters. See the Lager documentation for more information.

For instance, to configure Lager for logging to Logstash, include a Logstash handler as a dependency in your project, and add something like this:

{lager, [
    {handlers, [
        {lager_console_backend, info},
        {lager_logstash_backend, [
            {level, info},
            {output, {udp, "logs.yourcompany.com", 5514}},
            {format, json},
            {json_encoder, jsx}
    {crash_log, "priv/log/crash.log"}

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