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image, Arguments

Non destructive edits of images.

This adds a Edit image button on the media panel in the admin.

Clicking that button opens an image editor where the following editing parameters can be set:

  • Rotation: in 90˚ increments, used to correct the orientation of an image
  • Crop: crop any or all sides of an image
  • Brightness: make an image more or less bright
  • Contrast: enhances or lowers the contrast
  • Roll: correct the rotation of an image (between 45˚ and -45˚)
  • Tilt: rotate an image in the Y direction, as if the viewer moves up or down
  • Pan: rotate an image in the X direction, as if the viewer moves left or right
  • Lossless flag: use PNG or GIF for the output image, used for clip art and logos
  • Crop center: mark a point that should stay in view when using automatic crops

All these operations are non-destructive. They are stored in the medium_edit_settings properties and applied whenever an image is resized using the {% image %} tag.

The original image stays untouched. Downloads will download the original image.

If the original image should be used for a preview then pass the original argument to the {% image %} tag options.