Request certificates from Let’s Encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt <> provides free SSL certificates.

Zotonic can request these certificates automatically, easing deployment of https secured web sites.

Hostname & port requirements

There are some criteria that must for each site requesting a certificate.

  1. Primary hostname(s) resolve using DNS
  2. Resolved DNS address is not a LAN address
  3. Site is reachable on the resolved address
  4. Listening for the hostname on that address

Zotonic must listen on http port 80 and ssl port 443 for connections. If you use any other ports then requesting a certificate will fail.

See Port configurations for more information about the configuring the correct port numbers and optional proxy settings.

Requesting a certificate

In the admin, go to System > Modules and ensure that mod_ssl_letsencrypt is enabled.

After mod_ssl_letsencrypt is enabled, go to System > SSL Certificates.

In the Let’s Encrypt panel you can request a certificate. Check the alternative names you want to include in the certificates. (E.g. and

The certificate request will run on the background and the status will be shown in the panel.

After a certificate was received, make sure that Let’s Encrypt is the first module on the SSL Certificates list by disabling all modules above Lets’s Encrypt.

Now go to your site using https, you should be see your site protected by a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Certificate and key files

The certificate and key files are placed into the site sub-directory of the security directory. The subdirectory will be: sitename/letsencrypt/

Where sitename must be replaced with the name of your site.

The security directory can be found by inspecting the output of:

bin/zotonic config

The Zotonic security directory can be in one of the following directories:

  • The environment variable ZOTONIC_SECURITY_DIR
  • The ~/.zotonic/security directory
  • The /etc/zotonic/security directory (only on Linux)
  • The OS specific directory for application data files

The OS specific directories are:

  • On Unix: ~/.config/zotonic/security/
  • On macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/zotonic/security/

The default is the OS specific directory.

If there is a directory priv/security/letsencrypt inside your site’s OTP application folder then that directory will be used.